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Extreme Communication and Networking

We are India’s leading off-grid communication systems provider. We work beyond the edge – when formal communication networks end, we take over.
Urban clusters , cities, settlements and villages are often connected with formal communication systems like mobile phones, land lines and radio links. We provide mission critical communication systems to communication denied areas like, deserts, mountains, jungles and wilderness. Rescue teams (first Responders) after Cyclones, Train Accidents, Flooding, Forest Fires use our systems to communicate and coordinate in field. Such calamities often destroy the communication infra in the affected areas. Then Kloudmasters move in and provide critical communication systems to first responders and disaster management teams. Special forces and use off-grid systems for Tactical Response and Situational awareness is war zones or during special operations.
What We Do

Special Communication network when there is no network available


World’s most advanced Firewall Systems


Last Line of Operations technology devices for critical Infrastructure


America’s No-1 SDWAN solutions now in India


We fullfil the demands of internet based servers, systems and data strorages


We provide data center services to store data and information securely


We have internet based voice & data communication services for all Industries


This solution collects data from billions of IoT devices deployed across the globe

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100+ Man Years Experience in Tailored Communication Networks

83D Networks private limited has expertise in building cloud base and on-premise telecom solutions in B2B segment

Extreme Communication & Network

Industries which have personnel and equipment that are remote, geographically dispersed, and/or constantly on the move with private network capability made to optimize productivity


Connect, Track & Trace

Communication solution for mission critical and remote locations where conventional networks are hard to reach

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Customer Reviews

Reviews From Clients

TRX Systems was awarded

The $250,000 Grand Prize at the U.S. Army’s third Expeditionary Technology Search (xTechSearch 3) competition. TRX demonstrated unique ability to work existing military applications to utilize map data to robustly deliver PNT where GPS and other satellite sources are unavailable.

RAJANT Innovation Recognised by CIOReview

We are honored to e named to CIOReviews list of top companies at the forefront of providing network solutions and impacting the marketplace.

goTenna PRO

“These radios provided the core of what was needed- situational awareness-and provided it at radically lower size,weight,power, and cost than anything else around.”


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